A Spiritual Leader

Lea Anne has been a researcher and truth seeker most of her life. She is in practice as an Energy Healing Therapist, Personal Spiritual Coach, Thai Massage Therapist, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Crystal Healer. She teaches yoga and meditation and hosts transformational retreats throughout the year.

Lea Anne is a healer’s healer who teaches energy healing workshops specializing in developing the innate skills of the individual. She began her energy healing education in 2010. She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Theta Healing level 2 DNA Repair, Certified Holographic Sound Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, 200hr Yoga Teacher, and Certified Thai Massage Therapist.

Awakening of Consciousness, A Path To Healing

Lea Anne Carroll

Host of Spirit Warrior’s Way Podcast

A Healer’s Healer


Lea Anne offers sessions in person at her office in Colleyville, TX or distance energy healing sessions that are very powerful and include the Akashic records of the individual.

They balance and repair the matrix of the energy bodies and the physical body leaving the recipient feeling expanded, grounded, clear, and free of pain.

Lea Anne has assisted many clients across the globe connect with their highest alignment and healing.





Sound Healing Class for beginners using tuning forks, drums, and sound bowls on SpiritSchoolOnline.com

An in-depth Crystal Healing class in the works at Spirit School Online.






In-Person Sessions

Distance Energy Healing

Sound Healing

Crystal Healing

A Spirit Warrior

Lea Anne is working with groups and individuals that offer independence from large corporate systems such as governments, media and information, food and water, health related services, education, alternative money, energy, community, and other services.

The Spirit Warrior’s Way:

Know thyself.

It is time to awaken, take our power back, come together, and heal. It is necessary to build a new parallel reality where the individual is empowered, and the planet can thrive.